About us

Roombaa provides an easy to use 3D platform for users to create their own 3D environments, make spectacular presentations and collaborate right in the room.

The Problem

With 3D models becoming more and more abound, 3D technology has great potential to show objects in their most realistic appearance and create spectacular showcases, but there is no available, easy to use application to present 3D objects in a 3D environment in a professional, spectacular, collaborative way.

The Solution

We created Roombaa in which virtual 3D rooms can be built, populated with objects and information that can be presented or shared.  Users can upload their 3D objects, images or video into their 3D rooms. Users can use free models, or purchase them from Roombaa Market. 

Our Mobil App will allow users to make their presentation interactive by arbitrarily adjusting the 3D perspective.

Collaborate! Users can have a meeting right in the 3D space! Users can invite their friends to walk around in the 3D room or provide an online presentation to make their points. Users can share their room(baa) or presentation within the Roombaa  community or on popular social networks.   

By embedding a room in a website, it becomes easy to access for visitors. Users can initiate online purchasing directly from the 3D space.